In ons mooie Connect5 “The Coffeehouse” verwennen we je graag met heerlijke koffie & thee, huisgemaakte lekkernijen en lunches uit verschillende culturen, geïnspireerd door onze internationale achtergrond. Vers & gezond met een knipoog.

Take away!

Onze huisgemaakte lekkernijen en lunches zijn te bestellen, voor bedrijven & privé events. We maken bijzondere taarten voor elke gelegenheid! “Dulce de leche”, “lemon curd”, advocaat creme”, “chocolate whisky mousse”, “orange prosecco jelly”, “pistacchio creme”, etc. — smaken die ontwikkeld, geïnspireerd en geperfectioneerd zijn door internationale culturen en jarenlange ervaring!

Are you a man with a hard heart? Then our quiches are a treat for you! They come in a variety of flavors to keep you happy!

Contact us to discuss all possibilities.

Our products are made with pure fresh ingredients and crafted by ourselves. We distinguish ourselves by bringing culture and different tastes together to create a "taste sensation".

High dining tea & more!

Ons High Dining-concept is een TOP-favoriet onder onze klanten.
 Een High Dining menu van 5 gangen, geïnspireerd door verschillende culturen!

Bij elke gang krijg je een uitleg met veel aandacht door je gastvrouw. 
Een unieke ervaring en erg lekker! Inmiddels hebben we verschillende versies van onze High Dining-concept ontwikkeld:

High Dining Tea, High Beer & Wine. 

Reserveer je plek hier en verwen jezelf en je geliefden met een speciale belevenis! 

P.S. Bij bijzondere vieringen en mijlpalen, laat het ons weten, want we zullen nog “iets” speciaals voor jullie creëren! 

The Daily Meal Menu

A good start of the day

Perfect for a (late) breakfast or brunch, or just for fun!
Bread Basket – Healthy & Delicious (v/vg option) || €9,50

Breads served with cottage cheese and dille, jams from Jacqueline, cheese and ham, and cucumber and cherry tomatoes in dressing.

Frittata (v option) || €9,10

An Italian omelet made from 3 eggs with vegetables and/or chorizo. Served with bread and Jacqueline's chutney.

Warm & Fresh

Soup of the Day ||   €7,25

Treat yourself to a nice bowl of soup. Served with a Brazilian toast, Misto Quente.

Connect5 Salad (v) || €12,85

Boiled egg, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, avocado, sundried tomatoes, red onions, sunflower seeds served on a bed of lettuce, hummus and our own focaccia. zelfgebakken focaccia.

Quiche of the Day|| €8,90

Every week, diverse flavor! Served with a changing salad and sauce.

Summer Rolls & Dip (vg) || €6,25

Tofu, avocado, beet, carrots and/or cabbage, sprouts and mint, served with our own spicy Asian peanut sauce.


Served with a changing salad and small, fresh soup.

Traditional Dutch "Health" || €11,50

Ham & cheese with tomatoes, cucumber, salad, red onions, sprouts, egg and mayo.

French Cheese Brie || €12,75

Brie, cherry tomatoes, grapes, sprouts, cucumber with beer sauce and walnuts.

Carpaccio || €13,50
Carpaccio, Parmesan cheese, sundried tomatoes, red onions, rucola and sunflower seeds.

Smoked salmon || €13,80
Smoked salmon, cottage cheese with dille, tomatoes, red onions, capers, sprouts & salad/rucola.

Health Plus || €13,25

Hummus, avocado, sundried tomatoes, and veggies with sunflower seeds.

BLT- Bacon Lettuce Tomato || €10,90

Amerikaanse ALL-FAVORITE classic. Gemarineerde spek, tomaten, sla, rode ui, en siracha sauce


Sweet treats: Sweet & soooo Good!

We like to experiment with new recipes and strive to offer new sweets and flavors from different cultures. Hence, our daily selection of sweets can change every day! 

Join us and explore our flavors! It is a SWEET SENSATION!

Dutch vlaai || starting at €4,00

Various flavors from Mathieu Hermans Bakery.

Sweet of the Day! (vg/v) ||  starting at €4,00

Ask us for our current baked good assortment!

Special Superfood Latte's & MORE

Make it “dirty” – add a shot of espresso to your drink!



Turmeric & Ginger

Cacao & maca

Our specialty drinks

Ice Coffee Frappa

ice cold & creamy

Doppio Tonic

*for the coffee lovers!

Smoothie of the Day

Fresh Lemonade or Tea (hot/iced)

Hot Chocolate made from pure chocolate and served with marshmallows & whipped cream

Do you have questions, special requests, an allergy or intolerance? Let us know and we are open to discuss the possibilities with you!

vg: vegan v: vegetarian